Prom and Graduation Reservations: Subject to full charge if cancelled less than 60 days from the date of the event.

General Reservations/Special Event Reservations (Pickup/drop off, Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.): Subject to 25% if cancelled prior to the 48 hours and full charge if cancelled within 48 hours of the date of the event.
Flight Arrival and Departure Transfers: Subject to full charge if cancelled less than 2 hours before scheduled pick-up time. For airport pick ups, we allow 30 minutes no charge time for domestic flights and 1 hour for international flights after flight lands. After no charge time, we charge $25 every 15 minutes.

Any mechanical failure, weather problems or any other situation that prevents us from sending the booked vehicle, we reserve the right to substitute the vehicle to equal type.  If the company does not find the vehicle of equal type, the company then reserve the right to subcontract the trip out so that client’s needs are met exceptionally.    

Any changes to the booking must be made with the office, not with the driver. Any changes made with the driver are not guaranteed and the office will stick to the original terms as agreed at the time of booking. We allow 15 minutes no charge time for pickups. Anything more than 15 minutes will be charged $25 every 15 minutes successions.  

The consumption of alcohol in (ANY) motor vehicle, is strictly against the law in BC, regardless of age. *Section 44(1) Liquor Control Act of BC*