how to choose a good limousine service

How to choose a limousine service

Hiring a limo is not going from point A to Point B but to have an experience that you can cherish for days months and years to come. Whether it’s a day of your wedding or a birthday party or just a casual night out, you wanted to make itĀ  memorable for you and your partner (friends).
But question is how to choose a good limousine service out of so many out there?

Well you can check out the reviews on many networking sites (google, yelp etc.). You can have some what idea from the reviews.

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Secondly before you book ask them if their chauffeurs are properly trained licensed and experienced. What kind of training they provide to their chauffeurs?

Most importantly many limo companies post fancy limo pictures from the Internet on their website just to trap some clients but in actual they have nasty cars. You only find out when a limo which is falling apart, stinky with holes in the floor pulls in front of your door. But by then it’s too late. So pleaseĀ  make sure ask if those are the actual pictures of the limo that they got. What year make models are their limos?

Little bit of homework and thinking will get you a limo that will create a memory of a lifetime.
We create memories……

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